Terms & Conditions

1.) Student protection:

For all students under the age of 18, the parent or guardian must supply emergency contact details along with details of any conditions – such as allergies – that the pupil may have that could require medical attention. They are also asked to be clear about who is collecting students. I will not allow students to leave by themselves without a parent’s or guardian’s written permission. If parents or other responsible adult will be present during lessons, then please list the names of those who could be in attendance. The child contact form to be completed by parent or guardian is available by request or can be downloaded from the "Child Contact Form" button at the bottom of this page.

If you are an adult student, please fill out the adult contact form which is available by request or download from the "Adult Contact Form" button at the bottom of this page. It is recommended that you also provide a contact in case of emergencies and advise me of any conditions - such as allergies – that could require medical attention.

2.) Lesson Fees:

The first two ‘taster lessons’ for new students are normally free and this allows the student to get to know me and for me to know the student. After that my fees and prices will vary depending on the need of the student and the length of lessons but the prices will have been confirmed when you first enquired about lessons. Financial certainty is important for everyone and I do not want to be a financial burden on anybody so the rate you start paying after the initial free lessons will remain unchanged for as long as you or your child remain a regular student, even if my rates for new students have to go up. If you or your child needs to change the amount of time per lesson, for example upgrading to one hour, the price will follow the rate which applied when you started paying for lessons.

3.) Other Fees and charges:

Examination fees may apply and will be those applied by the examining body but that is only if the student would like to take an exam. Sheet music will be required throughout the learning experience, you can find coppies of sheet music required through the shop on my website, or I will give you the title and author of the book required so you can source it online or through a local music shop. In general examination fees and sheet music fees are variable and may subject to change without prior notice as these are beyond my control.

4.) Payment:

Payment is due at the end of each lesson and can be made by cash or card. It is also possible to arrange payment in advance for a block number of lessons or pay at the beginning of each month for the lessons taken that month (refunds can be issued if a lesson is missed but only if there is a valid reason and adequate notice *see cancelation terms*). There is a slight discount available for prepaid lessons, contact me for more details or enquire at the time of enrolment.

If paying by card, the price of the lesson will rise by 1.75% to cover the cost of the transaction. For example: If the lesson cost is 10 pounds, paying by card will add an extra 18 pence to that transaction. Sadly, free card readers for small businesses do not exist however, this is the cheapest rate I could find.

5.) Cancelations:

Lessons that are cancelled more than 24 hours in advance will not be charged for and if paid for in advance will be refunded or made up with a replacement lesson. Lessons that are cancelled within 24 hours or are missed without notice will be chargeable at the applicable rate, whether paid in advance or not. In these circumstances refunds will not be given for pre-paid lessons and those who normally pay at the end of each lesson will have to pay at the next lesson or will be billed if no further lessons are attended. However, exceptions may be applied at my discretion if there is a valid reason for the short notice; for example if a student (child or adult) suddenly and unexpectedly becomes sick, is injured or has some other valid reason for missing the lesson at very short notice.

If I have to cancel a lesson, I will give as much notice as the circumstances allow and whenever possible a replacement lesson will be offered at a mutually agreed time and date. If the lesson has been paid for in advance it will be refunded if it has not been possible to arrange an alternative or if that is what the student prefers.

It is vital that pupils remember to bring their sheet music and diary to every lesson. I do not have duplicate copies of all the music I use and i reserve the right to refuse to give a lesson if a student consistently arrives with no music.

6.) Terminating lessons:

If you are thinking of terminating lessons for yourself or your child, then please speak to me or contact me to discuss it in the first instance. If you still wish to terminate lessons for yourself or your child after any informal discussion, then please confirm this as soon as possible and at least a week before the next scheduled lesson. You can provide a reason if you wish, however it is not required. If lessons have been paid for in advance a notice period covering the remaining pre-paid lessons is required as refunds will not normally be given in such circumstances.

J Alker