Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How much do lessons cost?

30 minutes - £12.50
60 minutes - £25


2.) What is your availability?

I teach full time. Monday to Friday 9am till 8pm, Saturdays 9am till 5pm.

3pm till 6:30pm is most popular throughout the weekdays, I do have availability in places but it changes over time.

2.) Why are you cheaper than other private music tutors?

I believe in making music education accessible to everybody. I understand that music tuition is expensive. Because of this, I think that it puts an unfair advantage on people who can't afford to pay the "average rate". The average music tutor gets £33 an hour,  so anywhere from £27 to £38 an hour no matter what instrument. The rates at which these tutors charge varies due to inflation and other circumstances. It generally goes up over time. I don't think that is fair, so I say if you pay me £20 an hour, it will always be £20 an hour giving you some financial certainty and peace of mind.

3.) Do I have to do exams?

The short answer is no. Exams are not necessary, however, if you aspire to have a career in music then exams are necessary to get you into college and university. It is worth noting that exams give you credits towards getting into college or university. Grade 5 is considered to be equal to a GCSE. Grades 6, 7 and 8 give you UCAS points to help secure a place at university.

4.) What are the payment options?

I try to be as flexible as possible. Payment can be made by card/contactless however there is a 1.75% increase to cover the transaction cost. For example, if you are paying for a 30 minute lesson with a card, 18 pence will be added on top of the £10.

Cash is another option, which can be paid at the end of each lesson. I do not take bank transfers at the moment.

You don't have to pay at the end of each lesson, you can book a block number or months worth in advance.

5.) Myself/My child wants to learn Guitar, Which Guitar should I buy?

This is a tough question, you need to ask "why do you want to play Guitar". If they want to play like Eddie Van Halen or Jimmy page then a Classical or Acoustic Guitar is not going to work because it is in a different genre of music, an Electric Guitar would be more suitable. If they want to play like Ed Sheeran then an Acoustic would be excellent because it fits the style and genre of music.

I do not consider myself a Classical Guitarist and I don't teach Classical Guitar. I would avoid for a beginner at all cost; Classical Guitars/Nylon stringed guitars. These are harder to play for beginners! In general, Electric Guitar is easiest to learn and then Acoustic closely behind. If Classical guitar is what you want to learn then you need to find a Classical Guitar tutor!

Other things to avoid for a beginner: Tremolo, Floyd Rose (which is a more advanced Tremolo), Silly shaped Guitars and Guitars with more than 6 strings.

If you need any more information or help on choosing the perfect first Guitar for your child or yourself then let me know and i will help!

6.) Why are the first 2 lessons free?

Most tutors give the first lesson free or half price. I decided to give the first 2 lessons for free. This is because the first lesson is a chance for me to get to know you and/or your child and for you and/or your child to get to know me. I also ask questions so I can assess the best way to teach you or your child. The second of the free lessons is the first "proper" taster. This gives you and/or your child a better idea if you would like to continue learning with me!

7.) I is it possible to learn Piano or Guitar as an adult?

Absolutely! as long as you put the work in anything is possible! you don't lose the ability to learn so why should that apply to learning an instrument? it's just like anything else. I am having Violin lessons as an adult and i think its safe to say i'm now a competant Violin player.