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Music education and learning to play a musical instrument not only provides an artistic outlet but scientific research has shown that it helps students in other ways including memory, self-discipline, motivation and even literacy.


Learning to play a musical instrument changes the brain for the better as well as being a satisfying achievement in its own right. Therefore, providing music lessons is one of the best things a parent can do for a child or, as an adult, you can do for yourself.

“Music improves cognitive and non-cognitive skills more than twice as much as sports, theatre or dance. The study found that kids who take music lessons ‘have better cognitive skills and school grades and are more conscientious, open and ambitious’.”


Hille, A. and Schupp, J. (2013)

Come and learn Piano or Guitar, at any age, you’re never too old to learn! I know you will fall in love with music making performing and even creating your own music.

I want my students to get involved in the world of music and to appreciate it in its many forms by seeing it from the perspective of a musician. I will give my students the best chance of developing a lifelong relationship with music and music making.


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This really can be the start of a beautiful journey into music

Your first two classes are free so please don't worry if you are undecided about whether to learn the guitar or Piano.  Simply get in touch to book your free taster lessons today

"My piano lessons are awesome!""

Charlotte, aged 6


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About Me

Jack of all

Jack Alker

Music has always been a huge part of my life.

I started playing the Piano at four years old. I heard my mother plonking along on the piano so I tried to copy, she saw that I had good hearing skills because I was able to copy theme songs from the telly so she showed me chopsticks and all the other usual beginner tunes. I started having lessons at six years old with Ray Parking. He was my Piano teacher for eleven years! I had great ears however I was hopeless at reading music at the time. Within a few months, I was performing for my school and this became a frequent occurrence. While I was in school, a local orchestra came in to perform which was the first time I saw classical instruments. I was drawn to the Violin, absolutely transfixed. So for my eighth birthday I asked for Violin lessons.

I still have lessons to this day with Freddie August who was a first violinist in the Hallé Orchestra for many years. Violin has become my hobby so to speak, I don’t want to teach it, Guitar and Piano are enough, for now at least. My dad (although he won't admit it) wanted me to be the next Jimmy Page. So for Christmas at age nine he asked if I wanted to play the Guitar as well. Of course, I said yes, so I got a guitar and lessons.

From age nine till I was fifteen I was playing three instruments and having lessons in all three every week, hence the nickname “Jack of all trades”.

During college I focused on Piano, doing performances and writing compositions. I was then having lessons with a new teacher (Ray had retired) to get me through my Grade 8 as it was vital to get into university. So within six months I learned the pieces and passed my Grade 8. I applied to The University of Liverpool where they have a fantastic Classical music degree on offer. I then spent three years learning from the pros. I had a concert pianist showing me the ropes of performing; I also had my piano teacher at home. Yes I had my grade 8 but that is only the start of your life as a pianist, so I still had lessons to perfect my art, it was more guidance at that point.


I often did performances on Piano; I had a band of which I was the lead guitarist. I still carried on with the Violin and guitar tuition, I had lessons with a Jazz guitarist because I had never had any formal Jazz training, I also did my Grade 8 in guitar, Jazz is a whole different world to classical and pop/rock and I’m still working on it. I don’t have piano or guitar lessons now as I have been playing the instruments for so long now, I am more than capable of learning anything I wish!

Guitar Close Up

I Started teaching part time in 2018 just to earn some beer money, I enjoyed it so much and I found it so incredibly rewarding I decided to make a career out of it. A friend of mine thought it would be funny if I called myself “Jack of All Grades”, we love a good pun. I digress, I now teach all grades in Piano and Guitar for a very reasonable price! I have a lovely home studio where anybody is welcome!


Your first two lessons are free so please


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Fantastic musician & music coach.


In the words of my 4 year old, "My piano lessons are awesome." Enough said


My partner suffered an heart attack and a quadruple bypass.
Jack worked out a brilliant deal for guitar lessons, to help in his recovery.
Thank you Jack!

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